Telemachus – In The Evening

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  1. Planet Earth feat. Mr Thing
  2. Tennis Season
  3. In The Evening
  4. The Light feat. Jah Mirikle
  5. A Boy Who Thought He Could Fly
  6. Trivandrum
  7. The Sheltering Sky feat. Jehst
  8. Rose Petals feat. El Crisis
  9. Technician
  10. Scarecrows feat. Roc Marciano
  11. Father
  12. Grey Skies feat. Jareth
  13. Ferndale Road


“A masterfully soothing, analgesic beat odyssey.” **** Mojo

“The one to buy!” **** Q

Telemachus is primarily a composer, a sound engineer, a cloistered pedant deeply immersed in the past. When not caged underground, tethered to rotting synthesizers and microphones, he hunts, he tends to his strawberries, he roasts whole goats on a summers day.

His debut album ‘In The Evening’ – featuring Roc Marciano, Jehst, Mr Thing, El Crisis, Jareth , Jah Mirikle and more is finally here on CD and MP3.