Chemo Presents… My Mate Does Beats Vol. 1

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MMDB Cover

Album Sampler.


  1. Pete Cannon – Poznan
  2. Naive – Break Me In Bred
  3. Zygote – Body Snatchers
  4. Telemachus – Life in the Bus Lane
  5. Lamplighter – Rain
  6. Big News Skit
  7. Bambooman – Feathers
  8. Isyss – Bittersweet Miranda
  9. Kosyne – Everals Remedy
  10. Jon Phonics – Digital Bath
  11. Sivey – Boss
  12. Hey!zeus – Dunno
  13. Anatomy – Nagas
  14. Apollo – Feed
  15. Industry Chris Skit
  16. Chemo – Filaments
  17. Beat Butcha – Crack Rig
  18. Trusay’s Mate Skit
  19. Paul White – The Pointless Forest
  20. Mike Forte – Without Love
  21. Apatight – Star Drops
  22. Hops – Franks Mettle
  23. Jae Genius – BMG
  24. 184 – Louder


Respected HipHop engineer and producer ‘Chemo’ presents a compilation of some of his mates wot does beats…

Chemo curates a collection of instrumental musings, abstract Hip-Hop cuts and rough beat sketches into a compelling whole, showcasing the exciting wealth of talent amongst Hip-Hop producers and beat makers.

Ranging from the dark and dusty boom-bap of Anatomy and Apollo, through the driving organs of Beat Butcha, to the oddball bounce of Paul White and even Lamplighter’s minimal electronic touch. Through its diversity, ‘My Mate Does Beats’ manages to intrigue and captivate in equal measure.

Serving suggestions: Perfect for impressing subordinates at a dinner party, soundtracking a fight between angry farm-hands or even suitable for a long meditative drive to Perpignan.

Original Artwork by: Michael OhMyHoney