Chemo Presents… My Mate Does Beats Vol. 2

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Spurred on by his idiotic friends (Industry Chris and DJ Subdafewdge), Chemo curates a second issue of beats and bobs from some of his ‘mates wot does beats’.

A peerless collection of beat sketches, dusty loops and instrumental epics, this would be a suitable soundtrack for both a sombre village fete AND a jaunty docu-soap set in the age of steel.

Available as a T Shirt and CD Bundle, and via iTunes and other digital outlets.

The T-shirt and CD Bundles are now sold out FOREVER!!

Sorry… However, Volume 1 still available here.



  1. Don Leisure – Istenye Park Falls
  2. Solomon Caine – They Say He Wonders
  3. Chemo – Jumbly Wombler
  4. Sniff – Highlands
  5. Lee Scott – Slamface
  6. Telemachus – The Collapse
  7. Catching Flies – Ghosts
  8. Lamplighter – Efim
  9. Nick Roberts – Safe Landing
  10. Jaisu – Banzai
  11. Impey & Odessa – Bleepz
  12. Jetsun – Scarface
  13. Illinformed – Funds
  14. Leaf Dogg – Find Her
  15. Evil Ed – Smile
  16. Scifi Stu – Moving On
  17. 7th Dan – Amaterasu
  18. Sam Zircon – The Grand Final
  19. Fingerfood – Another Realm
  20. Sumgii – Oooh